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Cases recorded on the charges of domestic assault are growing at the highest pace around the world. Various Ottawa criminal lawyers are frequently being hired to handle such cases on almost daily basis. Domestic violence is basically an ill treatment that may include abusive and violent behavior which is carried out in the closed setup of a house or domestic space. It indeed has grown as severe communal evil which if not identified and stopped on time may take toll of many lives.  And these lives can be of both adults and children as well. Such domestic assaults can take place between husband and wife; live in partners and same sex partners as well.

Furthermore, the kind of mental trauma the victim and their families undergo may impact their growth and mental stability for rest of their lives. This is one reason why Ottawa criminal lawyer suggests their clients to visit a physiatrist or seek some mental cure as to help them lead a normal life yet again. For more information, visit Google Plus.

Here are some of the domestic assaults one may undergo are listed below:

  • Physically tortured: This is one very commonly recorded and identified crime against the domestic partner. Often it has been seen that culprit physically harms the victim. It can be one way of showing disrespect and disliking towards the other person. The violence may have some set pattern and may take place regularly on daily basis.
  • Bullying: This is another kind of domestic assault; the domestic partner may be tortured with. The victim is forced to make decisions and do some activities against their will. Either by applying external force or emotionally blackmailing the victim. This assault impacts the self-respect and self-esteem of the victim immensely. At Facebook, you can avail more information.
  • Repeated threats: The victim may have to face constant threats to their life, their loved ones’ lives and social reputation. Their partner may put them in a situation where they may have to undergo serve life challenges. Also the culprit may prove to be a menace not only to the victim’s life but also to the society.
  • Creepy chasing: This is also known as stalking. In this victim is constantly chased and kept a watch on. The feeling that someone knows what they the other person is doing is terribly haunting in itself.
  • Sexual abuse: It is also known as molestation. It is an act of sexually exploiting the other person. Any type of sexual interaction without either party’s consent is a crime in the eyes of the law. The exploiter applies force to control the victim to carry out their wrong sexual desires.
  • Financial attack: There can be a situation where one partner is financially more stable than the other. However it may make the other person feel looked down upon due to low financial status. The person with less financial resources may exploit their partner to fulfil their financial needs. To acquire money from them they take up any means, emotionally blackmailing, threating or harming the other mentally and physically.

In either of the situation, one may find resort in law by hiring Ottawa defense lawyer.

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