Why Prefer Eat Verification Website?


Why Prefer Eat Verification Website?

After Sports Toto was first released in Korea, private Toto sites where you can place sports betting other than Batman Toto began to appear.It started as a customized private Toto site that accurately targeted the psychology of users who complained of the limited betting rules and strictness of Batman Toto.

The attack of private Toto sites satisfied Toto users, and as rumors spread rapidly, the proportion of online private Toto users also started to increase.The problem, however, was that users could make a profit at any time on the illegally operated private Toto site.

Here, the so-called cheating means that when a user who has won a bet requests a withdrawal, the operators do not deal with it in an unethical manner.So-called eating sites “먹튀사이트” have been popping up all over the place.

The Reasons Why the Private Toto site is Eating out are as Follows:

  • The fact that operators always have the position and authority of ‘A’ as it is an illegal operation outside the law
  • Private Toto users also do not report voluntarily because it is against the law.
  • Poorly equipped systematic organization and system management, technology, security, know-how, funds, etc. It is an unusual business structure.

In addition, there are various reasons such as internal problems and natural disasters, and it has become a sad reality that the damage has become the responsibility of the users.

To prevent the flooding of these eat-and-run Toto sites and prevent damage to Toto users who enjoy sports betting, the first-generation eat-and-run verification company called Eat-and-Go Police was opened.

Since then, eat-and-run verification companies such as Eat-and-Go Police have begun to appear, and as the verification of the Toto site and information sharing of the eat-and-run site become active,

I was able to defend little by little against the actions of the scam sites that were helpless.

However, for a while, Toto users suffered confusion as eat-and-run verification companies that were created for a different purpose than the essence of eat-and-dry verification began to open up.

This is because it was opened for the purpose of attracting visitors and ad revenue through keyword search by updating most of the private Toto sites with content that is not based on facts.

What is clear is that most of the Toto sites are unverified advertisements, and we are not responsible for any scams, regardless of whether users are safe or not.

Eventually, most of the eat-and-run verification companies began to lose the trust of Toto users as the essence of the eat-and-run verification became blurred.

Only the first-generation eat-and-run verification companies, with the exception of a few places other than the eat-and-dry police, have adhered to the existing operation method so far, so they have gained much trust.

Early scam sites induced membership by sending simple text messages or writing texts such as payment of free points/free cash/common money/signup money when signing up for membership.

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Due to the fierce competition among Toto sites and the recruitment of members, which is increasing exponentially, domestic telecommunication companies and various portal sites have also begun to respond.

Recruitment of members became increasingly difficult due to restrictions and competition in response, but the promotional methods of scam sites did not stop there.

Rather, as more sophisticated and powerful PR media were created in search of new attempts and various methods, the scam sites became more popular.

The Means And Methods Of Promotion Of The Eat-And-Run Sites Through The Eat-And-Run Verification Are As Follows:

  • Information on various events and Toto site addresses by text or phone (English: telemarketing, abbreviation: TM)
  • Encourage visits by filling out the private Toto site registration form on flyers or business cards to produce chirashi (generally, a ‘private information magazine’ when called in pure form)
  • Recruitment of Toto members through various promotional activities such as sports Toto-related cafes, notes, and blogs on Naver, the No. 1 portal site in Korea
  • Sharing private Toto with sports broadcasting on broadcasting platforms such as AfreecaTV, FC2 Live, Twitch, and XSplit
  • In the name of paid picks and free picks, they approached them while pretending to be a professional tipster (fixer) and recommended to use a private site
  • Attracting toto site data without an approval phone call on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube
  • In addition to KakaoTalk, Korea’s No. 1 messenger application, a private Toto site subscription message is sent to an unspecified number of people using messengers such as Line and Telegram.
  • Attracting members from Android (Play Store) and Apple (App Store) sports-related apps to scam sites disguised as new sites
  • Influx of users accessing the Toto verification community that shares useful Toto information documents with Google keyword search SEO technology through Toto banner ads