What to Expect from The Online Gambling Industry in 2021?


What to Expect from The Online Gambling Industry in 2021?

In recent years, the online gambling industry has focused on high technologies.

Striving to attract new customers and increase the loyalty of existing ones, according to experts, operators of the online segment in 2021 will pay attention to the following points:

  • Increased safety
  • Special emphasis on mobile games
  • Acceptance of cryptocurrency in the form of payment for gambling
  • Live dealer games, virtual reality games and other tech innovations.

Also, the approach to the very process of creating games has radically changed. The whole world began to abandon Flash technology, preferring the HTML5 language.

Expanding Gambling Capabilities

Perhaps the most significant changes in the online gambling industry are taking place with the gaming assortment growth. Operators today can no longer afford to enter the market with just a few games or betting options. Increased competition and consumer demand are forcing them to expand their portfolios.

An increase in the number of slots with traditional computer games elements is forecast. The releases will feature interesting graphic effects and maximum elaboration of the plot. The online gambling industry is preparing a completely new type of entertainment for its fans: by launching the game, users will be able to independently choose quests, accumulate bonus points, participate in online draws and do much more. In addition, almost any solution will be available for free and in demo versions. This approach will allow you to reach the maximum audience and collect information about the most popular and promising products.

Artificial intelligence is another area that is actively developing in the gambling industry. The “first sign” in the use of this innovative technology can be called the telegram casino. Chatbots quickly turned from simple programs with limited functionality into indispensable helpers and sometimes very funny interlocutors who can learn from their own mistakes. Artificial intelligence will be able to collect and analyze colossal streams of information, identify user preferences and their behavioral nuances. The ability to develop independently has created a lot of new opportunities for the gambling industry. For example, upon entering a gambling hall, players will immediately be offered a set of games that they like best. And the presence of a voice recognition system when contacting the support service will allow you to complete the identification procedure as soon as possible.

The Shangri La online platform is a prime example of how online casinos are changing and improving. In 2016, the site was just getting started and offered slots, live dealer games and betting on classic sports. The site now offers scratch cards, skill slots, new odds betting games, and more. The sportsbook offerings have also expanded. Virtual sports and esports have been added to traditional sports. Now you can place bets in real time at Shangri La online sportsbook and other sites with in-play betting.

Livecasino online games have improved significantly. There are more viewing angles, more options for the game, the gameplay has become much faster.

Mobile Games

Mobile gambling is a specific offshoot of online gambling that has emerged almost at once following virtual gambling. There are two key aspects important for the development of mobile gambling – the technology’s improvement and Internet coverage scaling. In addition, the positive dynamics of industry’s development is not least of all set by a modern person psychology who is accustomed to performing many actions on the go, including leisure time.

Mobile gambling via smartphones is on the rise now. And online casinos are increasingly adapting to the ever-changing needs of players. More than 50% of online gambling revenues now come from mobile devices. Today, players want to “carry the game” literally always with them – and place bets at any convenient time and from anywhere – even from the office, park or home.

In an effort to provide its users with the maximum opportunity to play, Shangri La Casino and Sports launched its own mobile application in early 2021. Everything you can find on the website is also available in the app. The user-friendly interface and full-fledged functionality allow you to use absolutely all the features available on desktops.

New Ways To Deposit And Withdraw Funds

Full functioning of the gambling sphere cannot be imagined without payment services – integrated solutions that are a financial intermediary between the gaming resource and players. It is with the help of payment methods that users replenish game balance and withdraw money from betting sites or online casinos.

Until recently, users relied more heavily on credit and debit cards for online gambling finance. Things have changed today and the leading operators now offer a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options on their websites. They allow players to fund their accounts using e-money wallets, and some even with cryptocurrency. Considering that in digital gambling all payments are made exclusively in electronic form, the indispensability and importance of such systems can hardly be overestimated.

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