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ExpoMarketing is a highly acclaimed exhibit house that creates trade show displays and fabrications that are tailor-made by their team of designers to offer clients a unique creative edge. Having been established in Orange County, California, in 1991, they have nearly three decades of experience in the industry, making them the preferred company for all things trade show displays.

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Premium expert services

Their design team works closely with clients to come up with booths that will create an indulging experience. Understanding that the process of organizing a trade show exhibit can be quite challenging, more so for newcomers, they offer guidance to help ease the experience. They’re also open to more experienced exhibitors who may want a partner to help them achieve an even better display design.

ExpoMarketing believes that a trade show booth transcends the physical booth itself and indulges the potential customers in an experience. They accommodate booth designs from their clients and work around that design to achieve the ultimate booth design. Don’t have an in-house designer? No problem. Their dedicated graphic design team offers creative solutions to help elevate a business to the next level.


They have a project management team that is dedicated to working with their clients through the steps of a trade show process. They take care of meeting critical registration deadlines, recommended compliance requirements and even coordination of shipping and labour for the booth. Working within the client’s budget, they may build an entire booth or custom make certain elements. They always seek money-wise solutions to help ease logistics on the part of their client.

Catering to every client’s needs

For clients who are torn between renting or buying an exhibition booth, ExpoMarketing offers custom made rentals from which a potential client may choose. They make sure that their rental booths go through the same level of design detail to ensure that there’s no compromise on the quality of booths they offer. For clients who may be unsure of whether buying or renting is the right way to go, ExpoMarketing offers help in making the right decision.

In order to give confidence to their clients, they stage the booths beforehand to provide the client with a real feel for what their booth will look like. The project management team will be onsite to carry out a walk through with the client but for clients who may be unable to physically visit their booths, highly detailed staging videos are offered.

Wide choice range


Their exhibit designs are all present in their portfolio and vary based on size and type. The options available based on size include 10x10s, 10x20s, 20x20s and 30x30s. Booths available based on type include inline exhibits, double decks, island exhibits, environments, photos and portable displays. This array of options creates an avenue for booth customisation, giving a chance for clients to highlight the value of their brands.

Why choose ExpoMarketing?

The effect that ExpoMarketing booths have on show attendees is incredible. Clients who invest in their custom-made displays report trade shows that go amazingly well, leaving them convinced of the immense power their presentations can have. Their level of intricacy in the entire process of booth design all the way through to execution is unparalleled in their industry. ExpoMarketing has set the standard that few if any can match.