Surface Disinfectant


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With Touch Australia, you can clean every surface you are on with a surface sanitiser with peace of mind, and you can quickly keep all germs away from you.

Thanks to the chemical components in the surface disinfectant product, you can easily destroy all harmful microbes, viruses, bacteria and fungi on the surfaces.

Touch Australia surface disinfectant , which provide a wide area of ​​protection, have a dermatologically tested conformity certificate. Hand and surface disinfectants, which are always produced as sensitive to the environment and human health, never show any reaction on the skin such as itching, redness, irritation or allergies. Since it does not contain paraben, dyes and perfumes, it is both high quality and suitable for health. 

There are many types of Touch Australia disinfectants, whether halogen-based, alcohol-based or Per-acetic acid-based.

All disinfectant types are suitable for both professional use of institutions and individual use. Especially alcohol-based products are preferred on skin and surfaces, and when compared to other options, they have a structure with much stronger components.

You can use Touch Australia surface disinfectants on countless surfaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, door handles, anywhere and everywhere. The only thing to do for this is to spray the disinfectant on the area you want to clean and wipe it with a clean cloth. With the surface disinfectant , which is very easy and practical to use, it instantly becomes sterile on all surfaces thanks to its high hygiene power.

Touch Australia provides quality service. It provides the most perfect hygiene by offering quality products to the market in cleaning. I especially prefer the hand and surface cleaners of the company, since there is no substance that may put human health at risk. I am satisfied with the product and service quality. I recommend it to you too.