Sourcing From China? Know About The Products First


As businesses expand, they look for viable means that could help them lower the production costs and boost profit margins. As a result, they prefer sourcing from China. Businesses do have ideas of sourcing products from China but do not know how the process works, specially how to find a reputable supplier who can help them grow their business!

These days more and more businesses worldwide are trying sourcing products from China for lower costs. The advancements made in the field of logistics and IT has actually made it possible for even small to medium-sized businesses to even source products directly from China. Just a decade ago, this could have been managed by large importers only, which they later distributed among local dealers.


As retailers and wholesalers, sourcing from China in relatively cheap prices leave businesses with better profit margins than from the conventional channel. Although, the risk also increases while you are doing business with Chinese manufacturers, as they have language barriers, cultural differences and much more. To most businesses, this risk is worthy considering higher profit margins for them in the long run; a prevailing trend to keep them competitive in the local industry. Get to know more at leelinesourcing

It is imperative to learn about how businesses can find authentic suppliers and products from China. There are some basic things that businesses need to understand and learn about the products before moving forward with the import process

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‘Made In China’

The products that are ‘made in China’ are usually considered of inferior quality. However, the opinions have changed and experienced importers state that the Chinese products are not always poor quality. After years of production, the facilities along with the skills of the workers are much developed now. Nevertheless, there are always products that vary in terms of quality and pricing, and you can find the best quality and price for your business if you are experienced enough.

Generally, the quality and price of products are lower along the eastern coast of China such as the Fujian Province, Zhejiang province, Jiangsu province, manufacturers in these areas pursuit lower quality products with lower prices, lower profit margins and large order volumes.  In the Southern Coast China – the Guangdong province, both the quality and prices are on the higher side. This aspect can be used as a vital reference while you source products from China.

Some areas enjoy special advantages in certain industries. If you purchase electronics, Shenzhen city should be your first choice. Fujian province should be your first preference if you want to buy shoes or flip-flops, as they have developed a complete industry chain and support different techniques and materials.

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There are several fake brands too particularly for garments and digital products such as ‘Samsang’ and ‘Nokio’. Such brands do not qualify for export from China customs, not even to your destination country customs. These brands can only be bought from a local distributor. Do not prefer importing from these brands and later selling them in your own country as these are illegal and will harm your reputation in the industry.