Marketing Tips to Improve Your Business


In order to give you a clearer picture of some video marketing tips, we will be guided by the following questions: Why? What? How? We will put these questions in the context of video content and the promotion of our own product or experiential marketing toronto service. The first advice is the answer to the first question, and each subsequent tip is the answer to the next question.

  Define a strategy to achieve these objectives and all of its phases.

Ask yourself exactly what you are doing to achieve. This specifies your next action, i.e. what will you do to achieve them? If the term “sales funnel” is not known for you, define it as a phase through which a customer passes to buy your product or service. He begins as a viewer who was attracted by a title from Youtube when he typed that he was interested or if Youtube recognized that the subject of your video is similar to the one he watches regularly.

He could also come from social networks where someone shared your useful video or showed him as an ad. That client has released the video to get value and if you have fulfilled that desire for him, he probably wants more similar values. This means that he is satisfied with having received and that you have enough of his confidence for the next step.

Sometimes a series of videos is needed for this, and sometimes one is enough. At the end of this video, you are called to join a mailing list where you will get even more useful content. This content will be deeper and you should not post it anywhere on the Internet than to send it exclusively to members of your list.

Since this “almost-client” has invested in trusting you to leave an email address it is time to consume the content they send, because that content must be even more valuable. You need to complete the promise and even give it a little more than you have announced. At the end of a series of such content, invite him to click on the side of your product or service that is usually located on your site. Since he is accustomed to fulfilling your promises, he will gladly accept that invitation.

This link should lead it to the sales page on your site where exactly this sales video represents your product or service and closes the sale. Just like that? Well, of course not. Selling video will sell if you have done so well so that you can establish a connection with that potential client, earn the position of authority in his eyes (for your field of work) and gain his trust. With such a base, the sales video will be sold. With the correct form, the sales video will successfully sell your product or service.

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