Main Trends Of Online Casinos In 2021


The modern gambling market is one of the fastest growing. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, traditional casinos have been forced to enter the realm of online gambling and sports betting. In some casinos, online gambling revenue has more than doubled. This fact underlines that online gambling can be an additional source of income for this industry. In 2021, fantasy sports, online sports betting, esports, virtual reality platforms and traditional online gambling (such as blackjack and slots) continue to conquer the market, said Darren Keane, Storm International CEO.

Developments Of Online Security

One of the areas that are actively developing is online security. Online gambling operators will take security even more seriously. Insofar as attackers are finding new ways to collect personal and confidential information and other ways to scam, good online casinos should always be a few steps ahead. More and more online casino operators are paying attention to security in technological solutions in the gambling industry. Secure login technology remains the focus of online casino operators. The goal is to allow players to quickly log in without having to re-enter their username and password. Solutions for biometric confirmation of the user’s identity by face scan and fingerprint, which have been successfully tested and implemented today even in the budget line of smartphones, are used by online casinos, to allow players to get quick access to their account in games.

Growth Of The Game Assortment

One of the most popular types of online gambling today is considered to be a game with real dealers. In such a process, the effect of presence is created, available to any person, even if the player does not have a suitable costume and status look.

The trend towards maximum recreation of reality in the online gambling space is one of the most relevant. Game developers use graphics at a level that is difficult to distinguish from live play. Technologies allow combining gameplay with live broadcast from a real casino, pushing the virtual space boundaries as much as possible, creating the presence effect. At the same time, land-based casinos are trying to use modern technologies to create conditions for players close to sci-fi plots. Today, players from top casinos receive local climate control, automatic drinks dispensing and technology that tracks the products’ freshness from which they prepare meals in a casino restaurant.

The gambling market is traditionally highly competitive. Gambling sites operators have to try very hard to keep track of all the changes and implement them into their development. Every year, the user makes more and more stringent requirements, therefore only a confident response to all changes in the modern world will make it possible to achieve success.

Using the Shangri La, Darren Keane said, as an example, one can clearly trace the development of the online casino sphere. In 2016, the site started working with slots, live dealer games and betting on classic sports. Every year the assortment had been constantly expanding. And today scratch cards, slots with elements of skills, new games with bets on odds are available to users.

The bookmaker has also become much more diverse. Virtual sports and eSports have been added. And also there is an opportunity to place bets in real time.

Live casino with live dealers have improved in quality and have been replenished with new games. More viewing angles have appeared, additional parameters have been added, and the gameplay has accelerated, noted Michael Boettcher, the Storm International founder.

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The Mobile Platforms Perspective

Thanks to the HTML5 feature, providers can create games that could not have been imagined when creating the Flash platform. Among other things, the 4G network development makes it possible to play anywhere and even on the go.

Mobile applications are developing much more actively than platforms designed for personal computers. With mobile products’ constant improvement, it’s a good time for players to enjoy countless quality games on their smartphones.

The mobile niche will only grow in the future, and this is due to modern realities, because for many people a smartphone replaces a whole life. More than half of all gambling entertainment on the Internet is now adapted to the mobile platforms.

Following current trends, in 2021 Shangri La Casino and Sports launched its own mobile app, which provides full desktop site version functionality.

New Ways To Deposit Funds And Withdrawals

In addition to traditional bank card payments and electronic wallets, cryptocurrency is gaining popularity. Analysts predict an increase in the online casinos popularity, along with the cryptocurrencies and in particular Bitcoin popularity rise. By playing on online platforms, it is possible not only to cash out the earned cryptocurrency, but also to make this process exciting and interesting. Many users who use cryptocurrency were able to make large profits and are still doing so, after they made their investments in the casino, and the Bitcoin value has increased. At one time, players whose balance was more or less constant were able to see that over the course of several months, their deposit of $ 100 turned into $ 80 thousand and even more. Against this background, analysts argue that those casinos that allow working with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will become more and more popular.