How To Start Your Own Nursery?


Thousands of plants can easily be used to grow an average home garden. Some people promote plants to save money; Others promote them for fun; And still others turn their backyard into a small but profitable sideline business: growing and selling plants. If you are the one who wish to have his/her own small and beautiful nursery then here are some points which can help to give you a kick start


Do your research

Before starting a nursery business from home, research plants you grow on the Internet, or visit your library. Have proper plant information about the plants  you are selling. By being able to answer all the questions (lighting, space, water requirements), customers will be more likely to buy plants for specific locations in their yard.


This one is obvious, to start your own plant nursery you will need a land that you can use to plant. Some people believe that plant nurseries can be grown only on the land which is full of nutrients. But this is not the case. You can use medium soil with good water resources for this business idea and add nutrients later. The choice of land you currently have is going to affect the expansion of your future business, so do it wisely. Your plant nursery should have good soil drainage and should be free from soil pathogens. If you have enough space available in your backyard then you can start from the position when you are a beginner. You can visit plant nursery in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi or any place nearby for a better idea.


Water safety is important!It is necessary to keep your plants alive! If you think you have a large property with dams that have never run dry, you need to still install a bore as a back up.

Nursery equipment

Tools that you need for watering, grafting and other activities related to planting are watering cans, scissors, crowbars, digging forks, knife weaving, germination trays, grafting tape, spades, pushcarts, little storage units. Planting separately, etc.

You need to make sure the equipment is relevant, not compromise on quality as it can cause stem and root damage.


You’ll need suppliers. One of the benefits of having your own business is the ability to buy things at a lower price from wholesale distributors than the everyday consumer. Retailers and wholesalers have many options when it comes to finding suppliers for plants. Apart from plants, you will have to make other supplies as well.


You should use some insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc. to protect your plants from getting infected by insect attacks. You will get these chemicals in the form of spray bottles and you just have to spray it on the plants.

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Keep a track of Everything

You should keep an eye on everything, such as what makes them grow fast and what are the essential elements in the soil, and which season is best for which species of plant to grow so that the specimen can grow best.

Now that everything is done, your plants are ready to be sold in your nursery.