How To Select The Right Shapewear For Your Body


Before you start shopping, take time to understand what your goal is. The outcome that you’ll get depends upon how much compression the shapewear construction is designed to deliver. Once you know what you want to achieve, it is time to start shopping. Read this guide by Elle Courbee to get some tips.


Medium: Light

If you have a few trouble spots, consider shapewear that smooths your body rather than redefines it. It’s designed for everyday wear so you won’t be uncomfortable during the day.

Medium-High: Firm

Pieces designed for firm control help accentuate existing curves. They provide control but remain comfortable due to the suppleness of the stretchable fabrics they are made of.

High: Extra Firm

If you are wearing clothing that is structured and more formal and you to look fabulous, this is the ticket. Think prom dresses and wedding gowns. However, you’ll be miserable if you are constricted so don’t select a size that is too small for your body. The right fit will make you feel toned and fluid throughout your event.

If you don’t feel comfortable in the shapewear you are wearing, you won’t feel any better. It’s true that you want to control your problems and that requires firmness. But, if you can’t easily move or if your breathing is restricted, try one or two sizes higher.

Which Area Of My Body Should I Focus On?

When it comes to your body and the shapewear you select, do an honest appraisal. Which part of your body makes you the most uncomfortable. It’s different for everyone, so be honest. Do you want a little more on your backside or more control around the waistline? Think about how you feel when you have your favorite outfit on.

Full Body Makeover:

Many of us have more than one problem with our bodies. If you are looking for a sleeker overall look, consider a bodysuit. Since this shapewear can be a bit of an ordeal to put on, look for a brand that includes a shortcut when it comes to taking your bathroom break.


Forget those old problems of muffin tops and bra bulges. Consider using a camisole that reshapes the extras you have on your back, belly, and waist.

The Bottom:

There are two main types of bottoms: flat bottoms that need more bulk and round bottoms that need a slimming effect. To feel better about your buttocks, legs, and thighs, look for bike shorts that lift your behind or panties that smooth out the bulges.

How Do I Know Which Shapewear I Should Select?

Everyone has a body type. Once you know what your type is, you’ll be able to select the right type. Here’s a list of the five types with descriptions below: Strawberry, pear, hourglass, rectangle, apple.

When your hips and shoulders are narrow but you have a full midsection with large breasts, you have an apple type body. Sometimes, that extra belly weight makes it difficult to find clothing that hangs right on your body. And, clothing that doesn’t fit well leads to feelings that are less than fabulous. The good news is that there are plenty of shapewear lines that will help you comfortably give definition to your waistline and improve the fit of your outfits.

Shoulders and hips of the same width with a waist that contours inward make you an hourglass type of girl.

Legs that won’t quit, slim hips, and a torso that straight defines you as a rectangle type.

If your buttocks are round, your hips and thighs are full, your waist is clearly defined, your shoulders are slim, and your bust is small, you are a pear girl.

If you have a smallish backside, narrow hips, a breast that knows how to swell, and wide shoulders, you are a strawberry girl.

The shapewear you select shouldn’t be about contorting your body into what you think will be a more acceptable form. It should celebrate your shape by accentuating the positive aspects of your body. All bodies are beautiful in their own way.

Everyone’s body is unique. Your job is to know what your body requires to look it’s best. Once you know that, you are in control and can master your look.