Grilled Salmon In Foil In 2020


Grab your big girl (or big boy) apron, your clothespins and your attitude, because we are conquering culinary fears with this easy, perfect, you can not spoil it

Grilled Salmon In Aluminum Foil.

Even if you’re intimidated by cooking fish (I’ve been for years!) Or intimidated by using the grill (yes, I was also afraid of that), this recipe for Grilled Salmon in foil is foolproof.

I’ve included all the best tips on how to know when salmon is done cooking and what temperature to cook at, ideas for flavoring grilled salmon, what to serve with salmon, and more! This post is your Aluminum Foil Grilled Salmon Toolkit.

This recipe is based on my baked salmon in foil. We do it somehow almost once a week. It has received millions of views, has dozens of five-star reviews, and is the first thing I cook for the company. It’s easy but awesome, and everyone loves it.

Before the grill season comes out, I had in mind to adapt, test, and perfect that much-loved grilled baked salmon recipe. Today is the day! (After the roast season is over, I recommend switching to this Baked Cod recipe.)

Read on for detailed, step-by-step photos on how to cook grilled salmon in foil. At the end of the post, I’ve included a foil grilled salmon recipe with lemon and dill (and garlic and butter). It is a lovely combination. You can follow those flavor recommendations or use the same grill method with one of the other suggested variations below.

How To Make Grilled Salmon In Foil: Easy And Perfect Every Time

While you can grill salmon without foil, I think the foil option is by far the easiest and most effective way to grill salmon.

Using aluminum foil to pack the salmon traps the moisture. It ensures that the salmon comes out perfectly tender and flaky, not dry.

With the aluminum method, you don’t need to worry about salmon falling apart or sticking to the grill, either.

Avoid sad, stuck and dry salmon – use foil for grilling!

Here’s How This Recipe Breaks Down:

To make the best grilled salmon in foil, start by selecting the best fish

Look for salmon that is bright pink in color, smells fresh but not fishy, and, if possible, caught in the wild.

For foil-grilled salmon, I like to ask the shellfish counter to remove my skin. Again, since the foil holds the fish together, it doesn’t need the skin to keep it from falling apart.

For more information on how to collect salmon, see this Spicy Baked Salmon. I go into more detail about the different types of salmon and recommend them for various reasons.

Place A Large Sheet Of Aluminum Foil On A Baking Sheet

You’ll want a piece big enough to wrap around it completely, with a large overhang on all sides to make an aluminum package.

I recommend using a heavy duty foil or at least a thicker foil as it is less prone to tearing.

The baking sheet is there, making it easy to grill. When you’re done grilling, you can slide the foil pack directly over it and then take it straight to the kitchen (or your table).

If you don’t want your food to touch the foil directly, place a sheet of parchment paper on the foil to serve as a barrier. Cooking food directly in aluminum foil has been considered a health problem by some, so do whatever makes you feel most comfortable.