Choose The Payment Solution For Your Ecommerce Site


Which payment solution should I choose for my e-commerce site? This is an important question because after all, the purpose of an e-commerce site is to sell. If you are developing a merchant site or are considering better payment solution or get awareness with high risk payment processor, this guide is for you.


We will present the three best solutions on the market according to us: Stripe, PayPal and Ogone. We then offer you a complete overview of payment solutions, with more than 20 players (in the form of a Spreadsheet). We will finally address the question of cost and that of the criteria to be taken into account to make the best choice for your e-commerce.

Stripe is the most “recent” solution of the three, since it was launched in 2010. It quickly managed to gain a place on the market and is today one of the most successful and innovative solutions. Major internet and digital players have adopted it, notably Pinterest, Slack and Lyft. Stripe is designed only for e-commerce sales. The solution has an impressive number of functionalities which make it possible to sell both products and services. There are connectors with almost all e-commerce CMS on the market, which greatly facilitates the integration of Stripe on your site. Your customers do not need to register to pay via Stripe. Stripe offers quite original features.

With this solution, for example, your customers can buy your products directly from Twitter. Customers can register their payment card so that they no longer have to give their information during future purchases. The reporting tool is particularly well done and allows you to follow in detail and in real time the payments on your e-commerce. Stripe also uses the latest security standards. What more can be said? Stripe manages payments by bank card, by transfer, by SEPA but does not, however, manage payment by check. In summary, Stripe is a 100% recommended solution. Its only drawback (but which may be major for some …): everything is in English.

PayPal is without a doubt the best known online payment solution on the market. It is one of the pioneers and still today the n ° 1 solution, far ahead of its competitors, with more than 200 million active accounts and a presence in more than 200 countries. Historically, PayPal has been the first truly 100% secure solution. This is one of the reasons for its success. Today, this is no longer a differentiating factor since all the major competing players apply high security standards. Another reason for the success of this service is that it is very easy to use for both sellers and buyers, which eliminates any friction in the purchasing process.

Customers can pay by credit card, without having to create a PayPal account. PayPal accepts major payment cards. From the PayPal interface, you can closely follow the behavior of your buyers. The reporting tool is simple to use and very comprehensive.

Ogone was bought in 2013 by Ingenico and became Ingenico ePayments. The solution is present in nearly 200 countries and has been adopted by more than 60,000 e-merchants around the world. Ingenico easily integrates with e-commerce solutions, thanks to the many connectors available (but paid…). This is a particularly suitable solution if you have an international activity. Ingenious manages more than 150 international, national and local currencies. The solution is “Omni channel”, which means that it allows you to sell products and services on all of your brand’s sales or communication channels. With Ingenico, you can, for example, sell directly from your chat bot! All the features that we are entitled to expect from an online payment solution are present.

Comprehensive Overview Of Payment Solutions

These three solutions are obviously not the only ones on the market. In this part, we will introduce you to the main players and address the issue of cost – very discriminating in the choice of an online payment solution. But first, let’s start by recalling some elements of understanding of the ecosystem of online payment solutions.

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