BitiCodes – The World’s Leading Software For Auto Trading


BitiCodes – The World’s Leading Software For Auto Trading

Have you ever thought about starting a long-term and successful crypto trading career but don’t know which are the top platforms and tools that can greatly help you? Do you think about what is in the volatile and dynamic crypto market, and what would be the ideal choice to increase your chances of profit and minimize all risks?

First of all, technology advances rapidly daily, which we can conclude from the large number of useful platforms that dedicated traders use daily. However, in the vast selection, it is useful to know what is legit and what is valid, and what is not.

One of the world’s number one auto trading platforms is the BitiCodes platform, according to the opinion of more than 420,000 satisfied users worldwide. There are many reasons it is considered ideal and superior, so let’s start with the most essential, shall we?

Why is the BitiCodes auto Trading Platform So Special?

The main question regarding auto trading platforms is how good it is and how much they can affect the success of a trader who knows how to use them properly. It is special thanks to many features, but also the benefits that various dedicated and motivated traders can expect from it.

Here are the top crucial features and benefits of the BitiCodes auto trading platform:

  • High-quality trading system
  • Premade trading algorithms
  • Backtesting included
  • No trading commissions or transaction fees
  • Diverse crypto assets
  • High customization
  • Live market signals
  • Demo account
  • More than 94.5% proven accuracy
  • No hidden charges
  • Minimum deposit
  • 24/7 customer support is available
  • High-speed system
  • Ease of use
  • Top-notch technology
  • Hands-free trading

Maximum Security And Reliability As Crucial Benefits

Perhaps the biggest and most crucial benefits of the BitiCodes auto trading platform are its extraordinary security and reliability features. Since there are numerous fraudulent websites, platforms, and tools across the Internet, it should be everyone’s priority to deal with 100% secure and legitimate software and so on.

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Scammers often make fake, flashy websites or tools that “promise the impossible” with features that have not been seen before. That is why it is mandatory to double-check all possible documentation of the chosen platform, software, etc., as well as reviews and comments from real users to ensure legitimacy.

BitiCodes platform is undoubted one of the most secure and reliable software for auto trading. But what auto trading represents? Let’s find out!

Auto Trading – Explained To Beginner Traders.

Auto trading is also known as “algorithmic trading” or “mechanical trading,” It represents a certain trading plan primarily based on buy and sell orders. These orders are placed automatically, based on an underlying program or system.

This type of trading allows every trader to establish rules for entry and exit trades that, when programmed completely, can be executed automatically via PC. Remember that numerous platforms report a minimum of 70% or more shares traded across U.S stock exchanges. All these reports come from automated trading.

In automated trading systems, investors and traders can turn precise exit, entry, and money management rules into auto trading systems that enable computers to monitor and execute all the trades.

Keep in mind that excluding human emotions while trading with automated trading systems is one of the biggest of strategy automation!