Benefits of Private Airfare Compared To Public Flights

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Contrary to what most people would believe, private airfare is becoming more popular than ever before. There are many key reasons why consumers are creating this trend. One main factor driving this change is the Covid-19 pandemic. With many restrictions, mandates, and safety precautions, flying publicly has become even more difficult than it already is. The added risk of contracting a virus from being around crowds of people is also another negative factor. Public flying, on average, is not as easy or safe as private airfare. So pack your bags, book your flight on an embraer 1000, and see why private flying is becoming a popular travel option.

Travel Time

One main benefit of private airfare is that it can be much faster than a public flight. Fewer people and a more streamlined boarding process allow for a quicker boarding time than other passenger flights. Also, the actual technical specs of a private plane are usually faster than a larger public plane. Also, private flights have more flexible takeoff and landing times allowing for a better experience.

Overall Comfort

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Another advantage of private airfare is the extra comfort that comes along with it. With more space and fewer passengers, private jets definitely have an advantage over major airlines in this aspect. You can also walk around and have more freedom than you can on a regular flight. Also, private flights have more amenities — in-air Wifi, personal TVs, cocktail options, surround sound, and beds —  at your disposal to make a long, six-hour flight not as arduous.

Increasing Affordability

With more competition against the public sector, private airfare prices have been dropped over the past few years. Generally, still not exactly the same price as public airlines, the average cost of private flights is coming down, hopefully, more so in the next few years. If consumer trends continue to follow their current trajectory, this will probably be the case. Even a few hundreds of dollars down can make a huge difference.

Better Safety

Lastly, higher safety conditions on a private flight cannot be understated when compared to a public flight. The perfect example in regards to private flight safety is found in the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s simple: the more people in an area, the higher the chances of contracting a sickness. With the addition of variants such as the delta variant, it’s an even better idea to book private flights with fewer people and more safety.

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