7 Tips On How To Land A Mining Job

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A Mining Job

Standing out from the crowd is about more than a killer resume. It is about putting your best foot forward to ensure you land the best mining jobs Perth available. Throughout the process of application, you should take extra time to shine.

Here are some tips for you to stand up from the bunch and land that Mining Jobs Perth:

Read the advert carefully

Make an impression by showing that you have read and understood clearly the advert by tailoring your application accordingly. If there are skills listed in the advert that you lack or excel at, you should mention it. By doing this, it will show that you take your time reading and understanding the advert.

Answer all questions on the application

Mining companies will ask you specific questions written in the form. You should answer all the questions requested by the hiring company. If you failed to answer the questions, this would reflect on yourself that you don’t care enough to be thorough.

Be concise

You are not the only one who wants to ensure a successful mining job application. Employers will have many applications to go through, so you need to be mindful of their time. You should keep your application brief and concisely as possible, highlighting only the information that your employer needs to know. Get rid of unnecessary long-winded stories.

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Quality check

Make sure you read your application a few times before sending it. Check if it is written clearly, check for correct grammar and spelling mistakes. Taking a little extra time and effort will help you feel confident about what you are submitting. This will also show that you are serious about the application.

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Not all mining company or sites require the same qualification so it is best to check what position the company is offering and their requirements/qualifications they need for the role.

Listed below are some requirements or qualifications mining companies require for you to get a mining jobs Perth:

Vehicle Licences

If the role you are applying for requires you to drive, you should hold a current manual drivers license. Hauling heavy equipment and transferring coal and other materials to and from the mine are the required jobs of mine truck drivers. Safety standards should always be maintained, especially when handling sensitive materials, toxic chemicals, and electrical equipment.

Security Clearances

A security clearance can be a license, permit, or a card issued. It is a requirement for 18-year-old people who are holders of permits for the manufacture, storage, handling, transport, sale, import, and use of explosives. Pre-employment security measures based on the type of mineral they are mining and their location are different in some mining sites.

Mining Jobs Perth Requires Medical Examinations

All job applicants are to fulfil site medical requirements before they are allowed to work on a mine site. This will determine your medical condition and fitness to undertake the duties of the role. You are required to answer questions about your lifestyle, physical condition, personal health history, previous employment history, age/weight/height, and blood pressure/heart rate. An audio test is also conducted to provide an accurate assessment of hearing and hearing loss. Your lung function and capacity will also be assessed through spirometry or lung function test to determine if you have respiratory issues such as asthma or lifestyle factors such as smoking that need to be addressed. Musculoskeletal assessment or fitness test is conducted to examine your full range of movement, strength, and physical capacity. In line with this, you are also required to provide information regarding existing or pre-existing injuries.